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Why invest in a flange facing machine?


When making a decision about whether to invest in portable machine tools such as a flange facing machine, you need to consider the benefits that the tool will bring over the lifetime of use. Would rental be a better option that purchase? Do you need a milling machine or a flange facing machine? Will the machine be required again in future? We're here to help you make those decisions.

Rental vs ownership

Flange facing is vital to the general maintenance of plant equipment. Flange leakages reduce plant operating efficiency and cause many health & safety problems, so it is important that they are not only repaired quickly when discovered but also prevented from happening in the first place.

If your site has many flanges, investment in a flange facing machine provides the peace of mind that whenever a corroded or damaged flange appears, you have the right kit on site to get it fixed immediately. However, where flange repairs or more infrequent, purchasing a flange facing machine many deliver a poor return as the machine spends more time in storage than actually being used. In these circumstance, renting a flange facing machine will make more sense.

When considering rental vs purchase, you should factor in the maintenance costs required to keep the flange facing machine in true working condition. To get the most from your flange facing machine, preventative maintenance must be performed regularly.


When investing in a flange facing machine you may find that you get more than you expected. Flange facing machines are not the single application machine tools you might expect. 

A flange facing machine can be used for more than refacing. With a few easy to install accessories you can have a machine capable of heat exchanger back facing, compact flange machining or orbital milling machine. Where valve seats require machining, the Mirage MM300e can be fitted with a boring bar attachments and, similarly, the MM600e can be fitted with a boring bar for the precision boring of diesel engine components.

Workshop quality tolerances on-site

Flange facing machines are machines of convenience. They are designed to give service engineers the precision and power they need to restore essential plant kit back to full working order without the headache of sending kit away to be refurbished.

Whether your flange is three meters wide or a compact flange in a confined space, with a Mirage flange facing machine you'll be able to achieve a high quality surface finish each and every time you need it.


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