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Why hot tapping and line stopping in the water industry are vital


Leakage is a major issue for the UK water industry; with over 3 billion litres of water lost every day, it can be a difficult and an expensive issue to fix.

On top of that, maintaining and repairing over 210,000 miles of water pipes across the UK can be a challenging problem for service companies and maintenance contractors.

Tough targets have been set by industry regulator OFWAT; meaning services companies working on pipeline repairs need to have the right tools to undertake repairs across thousands of miles of pipework.

If leakage targets aren’t met, significant penalties can ultimately be levied at the water companies.

Having the right equipment

In order to complete a pipeline repair in a timely manner, it is essential to have the right equipment for the job.

Hot tapping and line stopping machines are important tools across the water, gas and utilities industries in general, as they allow repairs to be made without interrupting supplies to the customer.

The ability for service companies to respond quickly, with minimum down time and maximum efficiency when maintenance or repair work is required is vital in an industry where the demand for a constant, reliable supply is unrelenting.

Hot tapping and line stopping machines

Mirage's machines offer unparalleled performance with our range carrying some of the most reliable, durable, efficient and precise tapping machines on the market.

The range of high pressure tapping machines have a high working pressure capacity of 5000 p.s.i maximum making them ideal for the most challenging pipeline operations.

The Mirage range includes industry-leading features as standard, including patented helical gear drive, rotary pressure seals and four fixed feeds for differing pipeline conditions.

Mirage hot tapping machines can be used for a wide range of applications including transmission pipelines and water mains pipelines; as well as being used in the gas, subsea and petrochemicals industries – demonstrating flexibility and usability across all pipeline types.

Meeting objectives

Mirage offers the latest technology in hot tapping and line stopping tools which can assist service companies working in the water industry with pipeline repairs and uninterrupted flow.

To find out more about the Mirage range of high and low pressure tapping machines, download the Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Buyers Guide.

Download the Mirage Machines Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Buyers Guide

Photo Credit: Graeme Law


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