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What equipment is needed for machining compact flanges?

Posted by Alan Hillier on Sep 27, 2016 1:31:38 PM




 Above: A Mirage compact flange facing machine making a test cut on an angled surface.

Earlier this year we posted an article covering the benefits and applications of compact flanges. This time we take a closer look at the equipment and kits you need to carry out machining on the flange sealing faces of a compact flange.

But first, a reminder about what makes compact flanges different to standard raised face flanges...

Compact flanges are very different to the traditional flange as they include taper angles to accommodate a sealing ring (instead of a flat gasket). They can also incorporate shallow angles (e.g. from the ‘heel’ the to the toe’).

Because of these significant differences, a standard flange facing machine cannot be used for ref-facing a compact flange surface.


How are compact flange machining operations carried out?


The angled faces for the sealing ring shown above, are machined using the swivel tool post set at the desired angle and with appropriate tooling inserts.

To machine an angle on the main face of the flange (from the heel to the toe), a purpose built machine is needed, one that allows for adjustment of the saddle carriageway assembly.


Above: adjusting the axis the cutting tool travels along on the carriage, tilted relative to the rest of the machine.


What equipment is available?

There are 2 options for Mirage customers needing to machine compact flange joints. These are…

  1. Purchasing a complete machine, purpose built for facing compact flanges only.
  1. Using a conversion kit which can be purchased for several existing machines in the Mirage flange facer range. These kits can be used to ‘retro-fit’ the machine, making it suitable for compact flanges, and then easily returned it back to its original configuration for standard flange facing.

Which option is right for me?

If compact flange machining is something your company will be carrying out on a regular basis, then buying a complete machine is the recommended solution.

A conversion kit is an option if you already have one of the following machines:

Internally mounted: MM610i, MM860i, MM1000i, MM1500i, MM2000i,

Externally mounted:MM300e, MM600e



Above: Machine comparison, the standard MM600e flange facing machine (left), and the MM600e-CF with the D section compact flange assembly (right).

If you are considering a conversion kit you should be aware that due to the demands faced by the compact flange joints and the importance of their integrity the accuracy of the machining results may be affected by the condition of your existing used flange facing machine.

Buying a whole machine at the outset tends to be the option most favoured by Mirage customers.


Machines and kits compared

Complete compact flange facing machines

Description: A range of internal and external mount machines available with a facing range from 6” up to 80”

Items included

  • Main flange facing machine hub
  • Adjustable saddle carriage assembly. (D section type for external mount machines, Arm type for internal mount).
  • Swivel tool post
  • Tool kit
  • Digital indicator
  • Angle tables
  • Product manual
  • Packing list
  • CE certificate
  • Storage / shipping box

Compact flange facing conversion kits

Description: A range of conversion kits for selected existing machines with a facing range from 0” up to 80”

Items included

  • Adjustable saddle carriage assembly. (D section type for external mount machines, Arm type for internal mount).
  • Swivel tool post
  • Tool kit
  • Digital indicator
  • Product manual
  • Packing list
  • CE certificate
  • Storage / shipping box

If you would like to speak to our technical team about compact flange machining, get in touch here. You may also want to try the online chat feature on our website.

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