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What are portable milling machines used for?


Portable milling machines can be used for a wide range of applications in the oil & gas, power generation and many other sectors. Fixing methods include a gantry frame, which converts a 2-axis milling rail into a 3-axis machine, chain clamps, switch magnets and bolt holes. Take a look at the applications listed below and discover the type of projects where Mirage milling machines have been used.

Division Slots On Heat Exchangers


Division slots on heat exchanger tube sheets are prone to corrosion. One solution is to weld and re-machine back to the original specification. The heat exchanger can be left in place or taken to a work shop for machining with the tubes left in place. A typical machine to use for this is a Mirage MR or LMR milling rail. Read the case study.

Pump and Motor Pads


Metal pads and skids are used to mount motors and pumps (e.g. at petrochemical plants). These need to be perfectly level to avoid vibration and ensure maximum efficiency. Over time, the weight of the supported equipment may cause movement or distortion. This can be fixed using a milling rail mounted onto a gantry frame.

Turbine Split Lines 

portable milling machine used for turbine casing

When steam turbines are refurbished, the casing split lines may need to machined back to the original specification. A milling rail mounted onto a gantry frame provides the accuracy needed, typically 0.05mm flatness over the whole split line. Read the case study.

Pipeline Weld Seam Removal


Machining of pipes in subsea environments is sometimes required to allow pipe connectors to be fitted securely. This is achieved using Mirage milling rails with chain clamps. This allows the milling rail to be mounted securely and repositioned easily to move to another pipe section. 

Rail Track Machining


Rail tracks used for high speed train lines are subject to stringent safety checks and therefore have a limited lifespan. Removable sections where the rails cross, can be refurbished and used on slower speed regional railways. This is carried out using a milling rail mounted onto a gantry frame.

Subsea Platform Leg Crack Repair 


A Mirage customer discovered cracking around a vent exhaust duct on an offshore platform leg. To terminate the crack, a 3 axis milling machine was used to create an elliptical hole.
Workshop trials were carried out in advance - helping to ensure the subsea machining was successfully in a time critical operations window. 

Stay Vane Machining (Hydroelectric Turbine)


Stay vanes control the water flow inside a Francis Turbine. A Mirage customer used a 3 axis milling machine on the stay vane surfaces resulting in a 3% increase in the turbine’s efficiency.  Find out about Mirage 3 Axis Milling Machines

Removing an Anode Doubler Plate 


Another subsea application using a milling rail and chain clamp mounting. Carried out at a depth of 90 metres. Read the case study.

Subsea Window Machining


A conductor required a window to be machined, allowing a mud dump vent clamp to be fitted. The window size was 1.3 x 0.45m with 50mm radii. The operation was carried out 9 metres from the sea bed at a depth of 115 metres. Once again, a test piece was machined in the workshop to ensure a successful outcome when offshore. Read the case study

CNC Milling


A milling machine and gantry used with a CNC unit provided the ideal solution for a customer in the nuclear sector.  The hazardous environment required multiple machining operations carrying out with a single machine. An automatic tool changer was used, allowing pocket milling, drilling and tapping. Read the case study

Machining I-Beam End faces


A company in the construction sector needed to machine the end faces of a large number of i-beams. The solution was to supply an MR 1500 milling rail mounted onto a 750 x 750mm gantry frame. The machined i-beams helped to enable accurate construction of a new major building. Read the case study

Heavy Duty Milling


A large skid (machine mount) measuring 4 x 4 metres, required a heavy duty milling rail equipped with a hydraulic motor powerful enough to run a 12” cutter head. 

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