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Video round-up: flange facing machines in action


Following the success of our last video round-up: "Machines Used for Offshore Decommissioning" we now bring you a collection of videos showing our flange facing machines in action including two demonstration animations.

As always,iIf you want to know more you can either get in touch with us or download one of our popular buyers guides: The Complete Guide to Managing Flanges or the Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide.


1. Flange Facing Animation

This animation provides an overview of machine set-up and common features of the flange facing range.

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2. Heat Exchanger Mounting Kit

Applications for flange facing machines aren't just limited to pipe flanges. In this second animation we show you how a flange facer can be fixed onto a heat exchanger using one of our special mounting kits

3. MM2000i flange facer used on a heat exchanger
This video shows the Mirage MM2000i internally mounted and pneumatic flange facing machine used for heat exchanger repair. The clip also shows the heat exchanger back facing kit in use.
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4. OD machining and flange facing using the  MM2000-A  
The video below shows the pneumatically powered MM2000-A, used for machining an OD (outside diameter), and facing using the 3 gears to create different surface finishes.


5. External spot facing 

The ESF260i is a small internally mounted machine used for spot facing. It is ideal for use in confined spaces and manufacturing environments such as large construction equipment. The machine can be supplied with a variety of optional collets for clamping into diameters from as small as 2" up to 9".  Facing capacity is from 2.5" up to 10.15" diameter.


6. MM3000i used in inverted orientation

This video shows the MM3000i flange facing machine mounted in a very different way, making it suitable for applications where internal clamping is not possible. 


7. RTJ machining using the MM600e flange facing machine

This shows a step by step overview of the MM600e externally mounted flange facer, which can be used for machining RTJ (ring type joint) flange faces safely and efficiently, giving the required surface finish 


For more details on some of the above products download our buyers guide, or please click here to get in touch.

 Download the Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide


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