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Video gallery of Mirage portable linear and gantry milling machines

When looking for a portable linear milling machine there are number of things you might be looking for. Is it a 2-axis or 3-axis machine you need? For surface or subsea milling? Whatever your requirements, Mirage Machines can help.

Remotely operated CNC gantry milling machine

This was a bespoke project that saw us design a 5m x 5m gantry mill that was remotely operated and have drilling capabilities too.

Subsea gantry window milling

Our subsea portable machine tools include subsea milling machines. This video was taken in Apache North Sea, Forties Delta at 115m water depth. The project was an interesting challenge with a 26-1/2” conductor that required a 1.3 x 0.45m window machining with 50mm radii 9m from the sea bed for a mud dump vent clamp to be fitted. You can read more about this project in our portable milling machine case study pack.


Subsea gantry mill

Another subsea milling project performed using cold cutting. This time on a 26-1/2" conductor housing 13-3/8" casing and power line in the Forties Delta, Apache North Sea.

3-Axis MRY2000 Linear Milling Machine

The MRY2000 is a staple of the Mirage milling machine range. With an 80" stroke, the MRY2000 provides great coverage with the accuracy and toelrances you demand.


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