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Video: Cutting through a heavy wall lower master valve using a split frame cutter

One of the Mirage split frame pipe cutters was put to the test recently when it was demonstrated at a client’s workshop. Despite the demanding requirement to cut through a heavy material wall thickness of 90mm, the MSF 26-32 performed exceptionally well and the client now uses the machine on their own offshore customer projects.

Take a look at the video to see the split frame cutter in action and if want to find out more get in touch.


The customer, a manufacturer and engineering services company wanted test the machine’s capabilities and therefore brought a real life problem item back onshore to their workshop.

The item in question was one that often causes issues in offshore situations, it was the casing of a lower master valve from a wellhead Christmas tree containing seized locking screws. When encountered in situ, this issue causes major difficulties with maintenance and decommissioning. Being able to the cut through the casing enables easy access to remove the seized locking screws.

A Mirage engineer was on site to demonstrate setup and operation of the split frame cutter. However, one of the challenges faced was that the material being much harder in one section of the casing. This was caused by previous attempts to drill out one of the seized locking screws). Despite this issue, the machine performed well and the client’s project team were visibly impressed by what they saw. When compared to a competitor’s equivalent machine the cutting time was reduced considerably from a day and a half to just a few hours.

Material of the master valve to cut in this trial:  AISI 4130 


Specification of the machine used

Model    Size Range  Weight   Kgs   
MSF26-32 26 - 32”       107 Kgs  

These pipe cutters, often referred to as clam shell cutters, are a series of split-frame pipe cutting and bevelling machines designed to operate on various materials with HSS and carbide inserted tooling. Typical applications for the machines include pipe cutting, prepping, match boring, compound bevels etc.

 All of the machines in the product range feature air or hydraulic drive and boast the ability to cut and bevel Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy or Incolloy.

 Machines in the MSF range include the following features;

  • One-off split-half drive ring
  • 2.1 horse power drive motor
  • Two-off sever and bevel tool slide assemblies
  • Striker feed unit
  • Integral clamping spacers
  • Air filter lubricator and hose connection

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