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Using an external threading machine on a wellhead extension project



Above: The internal casing cutter in action in use before the threading machine.

The expression ‘shifting sands’ is used to describe something that is constantly changing, especially unpredictably and that’s something that we’ve all witnessed in the oil and gas industry during recent times.  An example where this occurred literally was when Mirage was asked to help out when a natural shift in the level of sand was interfering with the operation of a wellhead Christmas tree in Kuwait.

Project Detail

Our customer had the requirement to insert an extension piece underneath a Christmas tree assembly, raising it to a higher position for easier use and ongoing maintenance.

This project included the following activities, with Mirage being responsible for the design and supply of machining equipment:

  • Isolation of supply to the wellhead.
  • Excavation of sand around the wellhead and installation of a secure working platform.
  • Cutting of the wellhead using a Mirage Bandsaw.
  • Drilling and pinning the assembly for lifting using a Mirage Double Drill Unit.
  • Creating an accurate cut using a Split Frame Casing Cutter.
  • Mounting the Mirage MCT250 machine to the casing, using quick set centraliser and adjustable clamping jaws.
  • Creating a taper on the external casing using the Mirage turning attachment.
  • Creating an external thread with an API profile, with 5 teeth per inch. This was done using full form inserts to guarantee the thread profile.
  • Inserting an extension piece using the new thread.
  • Assembling the refurbished Christmas tree assembly.


About the MCT250 Machine

The MCT250 casing Threading machine is a bespoke machine designed for the client by the Mirage in-house design team in the UK. The machine has the capacity to turn and thread external diameters up to 10”. It uses a 5Hp (3.73Kw) hydraulic drive which requires a supply of 60 Lpm (13 gallons/min).

For this project, the machine was set up to create 5Tpi (teeth per inch), but it can also machine 8 Tpi using optional components. The toolpost travel allows the machining of threads up to 10” (254mm) in length.

Although created as a bespoke project, this machine is now available for other customers and is supplied complete with tools, inserts, air filter lubricator and hose connection, mounting bases and extensions, storage/shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual.

If you have an application for the casing threading machine and would like to speak to our technical team you can get in touch here.

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