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Using a flange facer for turning a journal


The video here shows a test cut using the Mirage MM610i with a journal turning attachment kit.

Although the primary purpose of the MM610i is to carry out flange facing tasks, there more that this versatile machine can do. By replacing the facing arm with a purpose built additional option, you can use the MM610i to machine ‘journals’. This job is often needed in the power generation industries.as part of a motor or turbine refurbishment.

Journal Turning

This is a common task when journals used within turbines and motors need to be refurbished. But this particuar assembly is ID mounted, making it suitable for very different purposes, such as the machining of external pipe surfaces.

Set up and operation of the journal turning attachment

The machine is mounted internally in the same way as the standard MM610i Flange Facing Machine. The principle behind the machine is simple: The attachment arm includes a bevel gear attached to the horizontal lead screw (shown below). This drives the lead screw for the vertical orientation (the feed). A depth of cut is added using the tool post handwheel shown below.


Above: Left - Bevel gear. Right - applying depth of cut.


Above: Before use, the journal assembly should be aligned with the pipe diameter. This is carried out by loosening 8 screws and using the precision adjustors.

id-mount-flange facer-and-gear-selector.jpg

Above Left: The machine mounted into an internal bore. Above Right: Selecting the finish.



Above left: Fine finish. Above Right: Coarse finish.

The journal turning atatchment is capable of producing 2 different finishes: Fine and Coarse. These are selected using the lever positioned on the MM610i gear box.

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