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Understanding flange facing machines: Internal, External and Compact

Designing portable machine tools that can achieve workshop quality tolerances within on-site applications requires expertise and knowledge about the types of environments the machines will be used in. Creating a machine that works in a tight, confined space presents different design requirements compared to a machine working on a steep angle in a large open space. Whatever the challenge, we can build a machine to match it. Here is our guide to flange facing machines that meet the on-site machining challenges we know you encounter.

Internally Mounted Flange Facing Machines

Internal mounting flange facing machines, sometimes called internal diameter (ID) mount machines, are fitted to the flange on the inside wall. They will typically use quick set clamping legs that extend outwards to fix to the inside diameter of the flange, hence the name. The tooling component swivels around a central toolpost which can be seen on the on our MM860i pictured below along with the clamping legs that extend outwards.

The ID mount machines are more commonly used for their versatility and modular construction which makes them ideal for moving around site and usually involves getting them to confined areas within a plant with limited to no crane access.

Internally mounted flange facing machine from Mirage Machines

Externally Mounted Flange Facing Machines

External mounting flange facing machines, often called outside diameter flange facing machines, will be mounted to the outside wall of a flange. Unlike internal flange facing machines that have clamping legs that extend out from the centre, external mounted machines have legs that clamp inwards onto the external sidewall of the flange. Rather than the tooling component moving around a central toolpost as on the internal flange facing machines, the external mounting machine tooling moves along a circular rail as seen on the MM300e pictured below.

Internal/External Flange Facing Machines

We believe we are the only manufacturers of a flange facing machine that can be mounted both internally and externally. It's a simple concept that increases the applications that the machine can be used for.

Compact Flange Machining

Restoring or resurfacing a compact flange face has proven to be difficult in the past due to the different angles and tolerances required on compact flanges. However, a simple adapter that can be fitted to most of the standard range of Mirage flange facing machines, so that you can resurface a compact flange face without having to send it away to a workshop.

Using this compact flange machining attachment, you can achieve the necessary angles required while still achieving workshop quality finishes on-site. While the compact flange machining attachment can be fitted to many of the Mirage flange facing range, it is recommended that a new flange facer is acquired with the attachment where a Mirage engineer can setup the machine correctly in order to ensure the best finish possible.

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