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The world's top 10 hydro plant projects approved for construction

Posted by Alan Hillier on May 31, 2018 3:07:00 PM


Earlier this year, we posted an article listing the top power plants under construction in North and South America. This was well received by our blog subscribers, so thank you all for your continued support. This time we go global, but focus on the hydro power sector, to bring you the top 10 hydro power plants which have been given the go ahead to progress to the design or procurement stages.

The hydro power industry has brought Mirage some interesting opportunities over recent years, with our flange facing and milling machines being put to good use on projects to increase plant efficiency. (You can read more about these and other projects by downloading our Power Generation Case Study Pack). Alternatively, you can skip into the middle of our YouTube video here, to find out how a Mirage product was used on a refurbishment project at the Benmore Dam in New Zealand.

The list of the top 10 hydro plant projects across the world - listed by project value are as follows:

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9 industry sector predictions every on-site machinist should know

Posted by Alan Hillier on Jan 16, 2018 1:31:32 PM


Mirage in-situ machining products are used for many different applications across a wide range of industry sector. That's why do our best to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and predictions. This not only helps us forecast demand for products, but also drives our product development, sales and marketing strategies.

So what does the future hold for the sectors that generate work for the on-site machinist? Take a look at some recent predictions we’ve found from various of sources below.

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The top 10 countries boosting wind power capacity

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 7, 2017 2:11:15 PM


According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) the total world power generation capacity for the sector is now fast approaching 500GW.

The recent surge in installation is illustrated by the statistic that 241GW (nearly half of the world’s capacity), has been commissioned within the past five years.

Recently, the Paris Agreement was officially ratified by the 55 countries, confirming a global push to reduce global warming over the next century.  Wind power is going to play a huge part in achieving this goal, which will bring plenty of opportunities for wind turbine manufacturers and equipment suppliers such as Mirage Machines. 

Mirage has provided orbital milling machines, used for wind turbine blades and towers for many years. (Full technical specifications can be found in the orbital milling buyers guide download and on the Mirage Machines website).

You can watch videos of the machines in action by clicking on the button below.


Although slightly down on the previous year, 2016 was a strong year for the wind power sector, with just under 55GW of new capacity installed worldwide. 

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So which countries were the busiest in 2016 and what is their total capacity?

Using data from a recently published GWEC report, we’re able to bring you a summary of information in a simple read infographic format. For a quick snapshot view the image below, or for a clearer and closer look we recommend you click here to download the illustration in Pdf format.

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How orbital milling machines are used for wind turbine manufacture

Posted by Alan Hillier on Jul 6, 2016 9:30:00 AM

2015 was an unprecedented year for the wind industry with more than 63 GW of new wind power capacity being brought on line.  Construction of huge turbines to meet this increased demand presents difficult challenges for manufacturers, including the accuracy of the machined faces on the tower and on the rotor blades.

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5 bespoke portable machine tools that solved on-site machining problems

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 22, 2016 9:02:00 AM


Despite the vast array of on-site portable machine tools now available for service companies and plant maintenance engineers, new projects can throw up some unique and unexpected challenges where only a purpose designed product can solve the problem. The Mirage in-house design team has come to the rescue of many of these customers and here’s 5 examples of machines specially developed to solve some very specific and difficult problems.

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