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Using a portable band saw for subsea wellhead removal

Posted by Alan Hillier on Sep 8, 2017 7:37:37 AM


There are several different ways to sever a wellhead pipe as part of plug and abandonment project. Some of these include internal pile cutters, portable bandsaws, diamond wire saws, reciprocating pipe cutting saws and water jet cutting.

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Using an external threading machine on a wellhead extension project

Posted by Alan Hillier on Nov 4, 2016 9:01:08 AM



Above: The internal casing cutter in action in use before the threading machine.

The expression ‘shifting sands’ is used to describe something that is constantly changing, especially unpredictably and that’s something that we’ve all witnessed in the oil and gas industry during recent times.  An example where this occurred literally was when Mirage was asked to help out when a natural shift in the level of sand was interfering with the operation of a wellhead Christmas tree in Kuwait.

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9 essential portable machine tools every wellhead maintenance engineer should know about

Posted by Alan Hillier on Oct 12, 2016 9:24:08 AM


There are many reasons why in-situ machining of wellhead components is required. They normally fall into one of three categories: it could be part of a preventative maintenance programme, when corrective action is needed, or if recovering the wellhead as part of a decommissioning project.

Valves and actuators used in a wellhead Christmas tree can fail through seizure and breakage, often caused by a lack of suitable lubrication and long periods of non-operation. Additionally, corrosion and erosion problems arise over a period of time, with hydrocarbons causing issues inside the valves and external components being either sand blasted by the wind, or exposed to corrosive salt-water.

So what portable machining equipment is available to help the on-site team commissioned to solve these problems? 

Below, we’ve listed 9 essential machines we think every wellhead engineer should know about.


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