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Steam Turbine Maintenance: How Portable Machine Tools Can Help


A properly maintained steam turbine can operate reliably for many decades. But to make sure this happens it needs to undergo regular maintenance, with as much as possible of this being preventative. While there are differences in the design and

How has the energy sector changed in the last 25 years?


As part of our ongoing 25th anniversary celebrations, this week we’re breaking away from the usual portable machine tool insight and take a look at what has changed since Mirage Machines was founded back in 1993.

Despite a few bumps along the road, the

Insight for in-situ machinists: How a thermal power plant works



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Most of you reading this article be technically minded enough to know that a thermal power station works by converting heat energy into electric power. The basic

The world's top 10 hydro plant projects approved for construction


Earlier this year, we posted an article listing the top power plants under construction in North and South America. This was well received by our blog subscribers, so thank you all for your continued support. This time we go global, but focus on the

On-site machining opportunities: 12 Power plant construction projects in North and South America


Despite the growth in renewable energy projects, construction activity for building new fossil fuel and nuclear power plants continues in abundance. This is good news for machining services companies and contractors, large and small.  Using

On-site machining opportunities: Nuclear power plant project list


Considering the negative media coverage over the past few years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that nuclear power is out of favour and is in a state of terminal decline. Whilst this may be the case in some countries, for many others, the ‘pros’ of

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