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Using a keyway cutter for in-situ repairs



What is a keyway?

A keyway is the slot created in a shaft to accept a ‘key’ that connects a rotating machine element to a shaft. The key prevents relative rotation between the two parts, enabling torque transmission. Commonly used machine

Portable milling machine: design process overview



Over the years, the Mirage team has designed and manufactured many successful milling machines for a wide range of on-site machining applications. One recent project was a perfect fit for the Derby based UK design team. Here’s an overview of the

5 bespoke portable machine tools that solved on-site machining problems


Despite the vast array of on-site portable machine tools now available for service companies and plant maintenance engineers, new projects can throw up some unique and unexpected challenges where only a purpose designed product can solve the

Guide to subsea cutting and machining projects using portable machine tools

The type of subsea problems operators need help with can vary enormously, and with oil and gas decommissioning projects on the increase there will be a huge amount of new machining challenges to face over the coming years.

So what are the kind of

Case Study: Mirage develops bespoke CNC gantry milling machine for shipbuilding project

Above left: The Gantry Milling Machine under development in Derby (UK). Above right: Ready for testing at Mirage Subsea in Houston (USA).

In 2015 we were asked to provide a solution for an on-site machining project for a client operating in the

Infographic: Power Plant Maintenance - Costs, Strategies and Optimisation

This infographic shows which power plant types are the most costly to maintain,  the benefits of maintenance planning and the pillars of successful plant maintenance optimisation. Find out what style of manager you are. Are you a Tasmanian Devil, Wile

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