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Heat Exchanger Refurbishment: Photo Gallery

Heat exchangers play a key role in power generation and the oil and gas industry and therefore need to be kept in optimum condition.

There are two key areas which are subject to corrosion and if these leak then the efficiency of the exchanger is

End Mills: 10 reasons why they can fail

No matter how accurate and robust your milling machine is, if you fail to make the right decisions before you start machining you'll run the risk of creating poor results, tool breakage and injury.  Remember that each type of metal has very different

Removing damaged studs and threads with just one machine


Regular readers of the Portable Performance Blog will know about the tools available to remove studs as part of a decommissioning project. But what can be done if the stud needs to be replaced and the thread needs refurbished?This happens regularly

What are portable milling machines used for?


Portable milling machines can be used for a wide range of applications in the oil & gas, power generation and many other sectors. Fixing methods include a gantry frame, which converts a 2-axis milling rail into a 3-axis machine, chain clamps, switch

In Focus: MRY 3-axis Milling Machines


How much do you really know about portable 3-axis milling machines? The name describes what they do, but not how they work, or the type of projects they're used on. 

Portable machine tool photo round-up: Q2 2018

These featured photos are highlights from those posted on our social media channels from April through to the end of June 2018. Included are heat exchanger machining, building of a clamshell cutters, a supersized hot tapping cutter and machines on

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