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How flange alignment and flange closing tools work


ln our previous article we looked at flange spreaders, so continuing the theme we now take a look at flange alignment and flange pulling tools.

Flange alignment tools are used to align or re-align flange joints during pipework construction,

Flange spreading tools and how they work


Flange spreading tools – (sometimes referred to as flange splitters or flange separators), are a useful addition to the on-site engineer’s arsenal of flange maintenance tools. These industrial tools are available in a range of configurations, and as

Metal machining video: Chip formation in indexable drilling




 Video © Sandvik Coromant. Mirage has no connection with may adverts which may appear during the video.

This video is brought to you by kind permission by Sandvik Coromant. As a leading manufacturer of carbide inserts, they're well placed to

Video Round-up: July to September 2018

They say a picture paints a thousand words, but videos take this to the next level.

In the engineering world there's no substitute for a product video to show how things work and how they fit together. In the 3 month period from July to September

What are portable milling machines used for?


Portable milling machines can be used for a wide range of applications in the oil & gas, power generation and many other sectors. Fixing methods include a gantry frame, which converts a 2-axis milling rail into a 3-axis machine, chain clamps, switch

Portable Bandsaw Blade Essentials


What type of blade should be used with a portable band saw? 

When cutting metals with a Mirage portable band saw, an M42 Cobalt bi-metal blade is the way to go. Blades if this type incorporate a high speed edge material that’s welded to a fatigue

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