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Offshore Decommissioning Glossary

Offshore decommissioning is set to soar and there’s many different applications where Mirage decommissioning tools can be used to dismantle offshore structures effectively.

Before you even start to think about decommissioning tools and equipment, for

Petrochemicals glossary for on-site machinists

Having the necessary skills and portable machine tools to carry out on-site machining successfully can open-up interesting and rewarding opportunities in many different industry sectors. But if you’re planning to work at a petrochemicals plant for the

Oil and Gas Terms

If you’re a machinist who's planning to work on projects in the oil and gas industry then you should prepare yourself to hear an array of confusing industry jargon and acronyms. If you already know what a 'Big Bear’.  ‘Blow out Preventer’ and a

Pipe Diameters: A Simple Guide to Sizing and Schedules

If you are new to the world of in-situ machining one of the essential things you must learn is how pipe sizing works.

There’s not a huge amount to remember, but you do need to familiarize yourself with the terminology and the underlying methods behind

How flange alignment and flange closing tools work


ln our previous article we looked at flange spreaders, so continuing the theme we now take a look at flange alignment and flange pulling tools.

Flange alignment tools are used to align or re-align flange joints during pipework construction,

Flange spreading tools and how they work


Flange spreading tools – (sometimes referred to as flange splitters or flange separators), are a useful addition to the on-site engineer’s arsenal of flange maintenance tools. These industrial tools are available in a range of configurations, and as

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