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How much oil reserves are left in the world?

The decline of the oil industry has been predicted for many decades, but continued exploration uncovers new oil fields and new technologies continue to bring  previously inaccessible reserves within our reach.

This infographic, by courtesy of Chiltern

Types of steel every portable machine tool operator should know about


The environment and conditions that oil and gas pipes, fittings and flanges are exposed to are diverse and extreme. The varying chemical composition of the gases and liquids, the extreme temperatures and physical demands mean that no single material

Oil and gas decommissioning projects awarded in 2017


Photograph by KrisScottHall - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=53499965

Although the oil and gas industry is still going through tough times, one area that continues to provide a steady stream of work is in the

Drilling Machines: How far down can companies drill for oil?

How deep can drilling machines go before the extreme heat and pressure makes them inoperable?

This infographic, courtesy of Visual Capitalist, provides the answer by illustrating the incredible depth of the world’s deepest oil well, the Z-44 Chayvo

20 opportunities for on-site machining at future LNG Projects in North and South America


Back in April, we published an article Portable on-site machine tool applications for LNG construction projects and with LNG activity set to increase, we thought it would be useful to update you on the LNG projects planned in the North and South

8 free portable machining online resources for the in-situ machinist

If you are an experienced field machinist, no doubt you'll have your favourite reference books and pocket guides you can turn to when either working on-site, or in the office planning your next project.

A book that contains absolutely everything the

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