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Single Drill Unit vs Double Drill Unit: What’s the difference?

Mirage’s in-house design team have worked tirelessly to design, develop and manufacture the Single Drill Unit and Double Drill Unit for use subsea. The drills core use is to enable the recovery of oil rig conductors and casing strings without the need

Mirage complete subsea window machining project

Mirage has recently completed a subsea window machining project that entailed the repair of a conductor in Apache North Sea, Forties Delta, in 115m water depth. The conductor, a 26-1/2” installation required a 1.3 x 0.45m window machining with 50mm

3D animation: How to complete an underwater tie in project offshore

The 3D animation below by Nord Stream highlights the process of an underwater tie in project. The pipeline, which is a key natural gas line through the Baltic Sea, was first started in 2011:

Machine tool rental from Mirage Subsea

Mirage Subsea works with operators and contractors worldwide to meet their needs for maintenance, repair and decommissioning projects involving both divers and remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs).

As well as providing specialized subsea tooling and

Client focus: Completing offshore projects with Claxton Engineering

Working together with Claxton Engineering, Mirage has provided a number of specialist portable machine tool solutions for complex offshore projects.

A recent example being the commission of a subsea drilling and pinning machine, used for the removal

Successfully completing your decommissioning project with subsea tooling

For decommissioning projects, it is vital that tooling meets operators’ requirements and can complete the operation effectively, swiftly and safely.

Whether you’re looking at cutting, weld preps, sawing, milling, drilling or hot tapping, Mirage has

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