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Subsea Diamond Wire Saw: Infographic guide to the key components


If you're interested in finding out how subsea diamond wire saws are constructed and how they work, take alook at our visual guide to help you understand the basics. 

For a quick snapshot you can view the image below, but for a clearer and closer

How to choose the right diamond wire saw



There are a number of different kinds of heavy duty diamond wire saws available to rent or purchase and choosing the right machine along with all of the relevant the options and accessories for your particular needs can seem a little daunting.

Hot tapping in subsea environments: overview and considerations


Above: The Mirage CHT1000-SSSW subsea hot tapping machine 

Hot tapping challenges

Although the hot tapping has process has been carried out routinely by pipeline engineers for many decades, each project presents different obstacles to be overcome

How Diamond Wire Saws work



The origins of the Diamond Wire Saw

The practice of using diamonds for cutting hard materials can be traced back to Egypt as far back as 2500 BC. However, the industrial type of diamond wire saws we use today are a much more recent development and

A guide to oil and gas decommissioning equipment

 Above: A Mirage Double Drill Unit creating lift holes to aid the removal of a caisson.

With oil and gas decommissioning projects on the increase, knowing in advance how to choose the equipment best suited to each specific job will help you to plan

How to remove subsea piles, strings or members from below the mud line

The decommissioning of subsea oil and gas installations presents many difficult challenges, each needing to be overcome safely, within budget and without causing harm to the environment.

One example of these problems is the removal of piles or

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