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Metal Machining Insight: Avoiding built up edge

Posted by Alan Hillier on Aug 29, 2018 9:15:00 AM


What is built up edge?

Built up edge (BUE),  is a problem you can face when machining ‘sticky’ metals such as low carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. BUE is material from the work piece that builds up against the rake face of the cutting tool. When this happens the outcome is likely to be a poor surface finish. This is bad news for all machinists - especially for those working in the oil & gas and power generation industries. The last thing you need when you're machining a flange or line boring a turbine casing is to mess up and have to to start all over again.

Understanding how built up edge is formed will help you prevent this from happening. Take a look at the information we've gathered from a variety of sources.

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The A to Z of nuclear power for on-site machinists

Posted by Alan Hillier on Aug 13, 2018 3:04:30 PM


Getting involved in portable machining projects within the nuclear power sector isn’t normally a quick and simple process. The unique nature of some projects (especially in nuclear decommissioning), the safety risks involved, getting security clearance, and the lengthy tender processes can be off putting to say the least.

But for those who do win the contracts, there’s plenty of familiar opportunities from on-site machining.

Away from the nuclear reactor, the fundamentals are pretty much the same as for fossil fuel power stations. There’s steam turbines to be maintained and plenty of pipe and flange joints to be kept safe and secure. 

So for those of you unfamiliar with the nuclear power sector and thirst for knowledge, we’ve put together an A to Z of the essentials. This is to give you a very basic introduction, so if you want to know more see the websites listed at the end of the article.

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Lens ring flange joints and how they are machined

Posted by Alan Hillier on Mar 6, 2018 4:03:37 PM


The Lens ring type of flange joint is used to create a seal in high temperature and high pressure piping systems. This joint differs from the standard raised face flange joint (which has a ‘flat’ sealing face), by having a sealing face angled at 20° down towards the centre of the bore. This type of joint is not used on very large flanges, with typical outside diameters of the lens ring gaskets ranging from 20mm up to 385mm. 

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The A to Z of portable machine tool applications

Posted by Alan Hillier on Jul 6, 2017 1:33:20 PM


Subscribers to the Portable Performance Blog will be familiar with some of our products. No doubt many of you will be regular users of at least one of our portable machines.

But apart from your usual projects, what other applications can be carried out with other Mirage machines?

Take a look at our ‘A to Z of machining applications. View our graphic which gives an overview, or read our more detailed list further down the page.

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