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Types of construction vehicle and opportunities for in-situ machining


If you’re an on-site machinist looking to get work in the construction and mining industries, you’ll need to understand the basic types of plant used in this lucrative sector. From bulldozers backhoe loaders, getting familiar with each vehicle typefalse

Line Boring Machine FAQs


Line boring machine manufacturers usually explain the features of their products pretty clearly on their websites. But many fall short of the mark when it comes to offering guidance on how to choose the right machine for their specific needs.


6 major considerations before buying a line boring machine

Regardless of the industry sector, if a company’s equipment has moving parts, there’s a good chance there’s bores that must be in line for the equipment to operate properly. Even when industrial equipment is maintained properly, bores will eventuallyfalse

Insight for line boring machinists: How a steam turbine works


If you have used of any of the larger line boring machines we manufacture, there's a strong possibility that refurbishing steam turbines at power plants is something you've been involved in.

Introducing the MLB Line Boring Machine


In 1993 Mirage reinvented the flange facing machine. We analyzed what was already out there, improved on what we found and then came up with a range of market leading machines that helped us grow to where we are today.

Now we've done the samefalse

Portable Line Boring Machine


If you are interested in finding out how line boring machines work and how they are constructed, we've designed an infographic to help you understand the basics. This example explains shows the Mirage LB100 which can be used to bore diameters fromfalse

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