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In-situ machining photo roundup - July to September 2017

Posted by Alan Hillier on Sep 27, 2017 3:27:07 PM


These featured photos include the 5 most popular in-situ machining images posted on our social media channels from July through to September. Machine types include; orbital milling, hot tapping, manipulator diamond wire saw, flange facing and a band saw.

Take look and share this page with any of your co-workers who may be interested. As always, you are also welcome to find out more by downloading our case study packs.

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Topics: hot tapping, diamond wire saw, flange facing, portable machine tools

Subsea Diamond Wire Saw: Infographic guide to the key components

Posted by Alan Hillier on May 9, 2017 11:16:09 AM


If you're interested in finding out how subsea diamond wire saws are constructed and how they work, take alook at our visual guide to help you understand the basics. 

For a quick snapshot you can view the image below, but for a clearer and closer look we recommend you click here to download the illustration in Pdf format.

For full technical specifications of our full range of diamond wire saws we recommend you download the Diamond Wire Saw Buyers Guide, which explains more about their applications, compares their specifications and lists related accessories also use don subsea cutting projects.

Download the Buyers Guide Here


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How Diamond Wire Saws work

Posted by Alan Hillier on Apr 13, 2016 11:00:00 AM



The origins of the Diamond Wire Saw

The practice of using diamonds for cutting hard materials can be traced back to Egypt as far back as 2500 BC. However, the industrial type of diamond wire saws we use today are a much more recent development and originate back to in England in the 1950’s when diamond electroplated beads were threaded onto a multi-strand steel cable. Over the next 30 years various companies refined the process (which was also helped by the production of synthetic diamonds becoming more efficient) and the first commercially viable solution was used at Carrara marble quarries in Italy in the late 1960s.

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Case Study: Mirage Subsea's Diamond Wire Saw makes the cut in pipeline decommissioning project

Posted by Alan Hillier on Nov 20, 2015 1:16:21 PM


One of  Houston based Mirage Subsea's Diamond Wire Saws (MDWS) was the product chosen to enable a major Saudi Arabian operator to successfully decommission a subsea pipeline.

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Topics: Subsea, diamond wire saw, pipeline decommissioning, clam shell cutters

3D animation: Mirage subsea diamond wire saw product demonstration

Posted by Simon Pownall on Feb 4, 2015 10:32:00 AM

Mirage’s Diamond Wire Saw is designed for underwater cutting on multistring casings, piles, platform legs and wellheads; ideal for quickly cutting through dissimilar materials and resisting compressive forces. Mirage’s DWS is a practical, cost effective cutting tool used to get the job done.

Using an abrasive cutting technology that is extremely effective in different subsea environments, the wire allows circular cutting on all sides, preventing the wire from getting pinched on materials that would otherwise damage lathe and mill type tooling.

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