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On-site machining opportunities: Nuclear power plant project list


Considering the negative media coverage over the past few years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that nuclear power is out of favour and is in a state of terminal decline. Whilst this may be the case in some countries, for many others, the ‘pros’ of

9 industry sector predictions every on-site machinist should know


Mirage in-situ machining products are used for many different applications across a wide range of industry sector. That's why do our best to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and predictions. This not only helps us forecast demand for

Using a portable band saw for subsea wellhead removal


There are several different ways to sever a wellhead pipe as part of plug and abandonment project. Some of these include internal pile cutters, portable bandsaws, diamond wire saws, reciprocating pipe cutting saws and water jet cutting.

Types of steel every portable machine tool operator should know about


The environment and conditions that oil and gas pipes, fittings and flanges are exposed to are diverse and extreme. The varying chemical composition of the gases and liquids, the extreme temperatures and physical demands mean that no single material

Oil and gas decommissioning projects awarded in 2017


Photograph by KrisScottHall - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=53499965

Although the oil and gas industry is still going through tough times, one area that continues to provide a steady stream of work is in the

How to choose a portable machine tool manufacturer


If you’re looking for in-situ machining equipment, there’s no shortage of portable machine tool manufacturers out there, each one eager to supply their shiny new products to you on either a rental or purchase basis.

So how will you decide?

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