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Offshore Decommissioning Glossary

Offshore decommissioning is set to soar and there’s many different applications where Mirage decommissioning tools can be used to dismantle offshore structures effectively.

Before you even start to think about decommissioning tools and equipment, for

How to choose between portable band saws and diamond wire saws


When working on a decommissioning project in the oil, gas and energy sectors, sooner or later you’ll be faced with the challenge of cutting through large scale tubular items such as casings, platform legs or piles.

So how can this be done? and what

Decommissioning applications for portable machine tools


Decommissioning has become a new buzzword in the offshore and nuclear industries. Dwindling oil prices and a shift towards more renewable energy sources has turned many operators’ attention towards decommissioning their ageing assets.To say that

In Focus: The MBS1360 Flange Bolt Saw


Whether you’re carrying out maintenance work or decommissioning projects in the oil and gas or petrochemicals sectors, at some point you may be faced with the challenge of seized flange bolts. By default, flange joints in the oil and gas sector need

3 decommissioning machine tools to create casing lift holes



As many offshore oil rigs reach the end of their life, the need for portable machine tools to assist with decommissioning is set to increase. One example of a difficult challenge faced by decommissioning engineers is the need to sever and lift

Portable band saw blade speeds for cutting metal pipelines


Portable band saws are designed to be robust and simple to use. If you use them correctly you’ll experience hours of trouble-free cutting with plenty of use from each band saw blade.

With Mirage Portable Band Saws, you get an M42 carbide tipped

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