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Types of construction vehicle and opportunities for in-situ machining


If you’re an on-site machinist looking to get work in the construction and mining industries, you’ll need to understand the basic types of plant used in this lucrative sector. From bulldozers backhoe loaders, getting familiar with each vehicle type

9 industry sector predictions every on-site machinist should know


Mirage in-situ machining products are used for many different applications across a wide range of industry sector. That's why do our best to keep up to date with the latest industry trends and predictions. This not only helps us forecast demand for

7 construction and mining plant problems solved by in-situ machining products

In previous articles we’ve covered many industry sectors, including power generation, petrochemicals, wind power, oil and gas. This time we focus on construction and mining and explain how on-site machines can be used to fix problems with heavy plant

A visual guide to becoming a mine engineer [Infographic]

Mine Staffing produced this detailed infographic showing the career opportunities for engineers wanting to work in the mining sector.

It might come as a surprise to some that Africa, the continent with the largest mineral reserves on the planet, only

Top Five Mining Countries in the World and their GDP [Infographic]

How does mining build communities? [Infographic]

The mining industry has been experiencing something of a crisis of confidence recently. The industry has seen gross margins dwindling as costs have increased without prices increasing at a similar rate. Five of the top ten biggest mining firms have

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