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Video round-up: clamshell cutter and diamond wire saw


See which machines are used for cutting through large pipes and heavy wall casings in the oil and gas industry. For your convenience, this page brings together videos of machines suitable for pipe cutting, weld preparation, casing cutting and more

Guide to pipe cutting and removing flanges with a split frame cutter

How split frame cutters are used

Split frame cutters, or ‘clam shell cutters’ as they are often called, are frequently used in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries for parting, bevelling and counter-boring large diameter pipes. 

Video: Cutting through a heavy wall lower master valve using a split frame cutter

One of the Mirage split frame pipe cutters was put to the test recently when it was demonstrated at a client’s workshop. Despite the demanding requirement to cut through a heavy material wall thickness of 90mm, the MSF 26-32 performed exceptionally

Industry trends every pipeline project engineer should know

What does the future hold for pipeline projects?

In this blog post we focus on global pipeline projects, including how the state of the oil and gas sector will drive future activity and the potential areas for growth.

How to ensure flange integrity in LNG plants

The process of converting natural gas into liquid form enables more efficient transport and storage but is widely held as hazardous and expensive, especially with the need for expensive cryogenic tanks used to store the liquid at extremely low

Case Study: Mirage Subsea's Diamond Wire Saw makes the cut in pipeline decommissioning project

One of  Houston based Mirage Subsea's Diamond Wire Saws (MDWS) was the product chosen to enable a major Saudi Arabian operator to successfully decommission a subsea pipeline.

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