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Top tips for accurate pipe cutting using a diamond wire saw


The Mirage Diamond Wire Saw (MDWS) has been designed for underwater cutting on multistring casings, piles, platform legs and wellheads. Our diamond wire saw is ideal for shallow or deep water applications and can quickly cut through most materials while resisting compressive forces.

Detailed below are a few top tips for Operators or Contractors looking to use the MDWS in their next project.

Pipe cutting top tips


The MDWS is equipped with four (4) swivel hoist rings on each side of the saw allowing for horizontal or vertical lifts. The swivel hoist rings are used in conjunction with two-part or four-part slings of various leg lengths allowing the saw to be rigged in any position.

To deploy the saw vertically and perform vertical cuts, attach a two-part sling to the two (2) swivel hoist rings nearest the motor. Prior to deployment, ensure the rigging allows the saw and wire to be held as straight as possible for an optimal cut.

To deploy the saw horizontally and perform horizontal cuts, attach a four-part sling to the four (4) swivel hoist rings. Prior to deployment, ensure the rigging allows the saw and wire to be held on a flat plane for an optimal cut.

For further clarification, reference standard rigging protocols.

Maintaining the proper wire tension during cutting operations

Prior to deployment, ensure the wire has 2” of movement back and forth between the two forwarder idler wheels. If the wire is too loose or too taught, tighten the wire by adjusting the flywheel. During the cutting operations, the wire will change tension depending on the feed rate. Maintaining a consistent hydraulic pressure on the feed circuit will ensure proper wire tension and result in an optimal cut. Operators should monitor the control panel hydraulic pressure and adjusting as required.

For further clarification, reference the product manual.

Adjustable arm clamps

140827_MDWSThe diamond wire saw is equipped with adjustable arms, allowing the saw to be positioned properly on various pipe diameters. Whether using divers or ROV, make sure the saw is tightly fitted to the pipe to reduce vibrations and result in a more effective cut.

Once the saw is properly positioned, Mirage's auto clamp system will latch the saw to the pipe. The auto clamp system is designed to allow for sufficient clamping force to assure the saw stays securely mounted to the pipe throughout the cutting operation. The auto clamp system uses a properly fitted control panel that shows the clamp circuit pressure.

Controllable energy supply

The saw is completely powered by hydraulics from an HPU with output capabilities of 30 gpm at 2, 500 psi (114 lpm at 17.2 MPa). The saw is provided with a 3 circuit control panel providing controls for the main wire drive, feed drive and the auto clamp. To avoid any problems during operation, ensure the hydraulic hoses are correctly connected to all circuits and fully function tested prior to deploying subsea.

Employee safety

For those looking to manually use the saw, employee safety is more vital than an accurate pipe cutting procedure.

All operator staff should read the product manual thoroughly; inspect the machine and all accessories prior to use, as well as making sure the correct PPE and work area regulations are adhered to.

Diamond wire saw

The MDWS is an abrasive cutting technology that is extremely effective in different subsea environments. The wire allows circular cutting on all sides, preventing the wire from getting pinched on materials that would otherwise damage lathe and mill type tooling. By following these top tips above, you're ensuring a smooth cut and project delivery too.

Available to cut pipes 6" to 80", the Mirage range of Diamond Wire Saws offer great flexibility. For more information on the Diamond wire saw, download the free Pipe Casing and Cutting Buyers Guide.

Free download: Pipe and Casing cutting on-site machining buyer guide

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