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Top 10 best blogs for on-site machinists to follow


For on-site machinists and assisting engineers, continually improving knowledge on processes, products and codes of conduct is key.

With these top 10 blogs we've found, you will gain a breadth of information which can become a reliable resource to support your working activities and reduce costs, working time and health hazards.

Pipelines OZ


A forum dedicated to the exchange of ideas on Australia's pipeline infrastructure. Topics from engineering techniques to components are discussed, as well as safety and the wider environmental matters. The author himself is an engineering consultant meaning topics are precise and information is factual. 

Hydraulics Troubleshooter


Offering troubleshooting for hydraulic powered equipment, the website offers basic design, operation and maintenance info on various types of valves and other parts. Despite the authors expertise being with cranes, the advice applies to many fluid-power circuits. Look out for good information on practical filtration guidelines.

Steven Cerri


Dedicated to engineering management, the aim of the blog is to improve engineer managers' communication, management and leadership skills. An aeronautical engineer himself, Steven Cerri, already teaches critical communication and business skills at the University of California. Some great tips to become the ultimate organisational leader.



It does exactly what it says on the title. Posting updates on new, refurbished and old tools, the website also includes podcasts for you to listen to away from your work place. A great resource to check-up on the latest tools released as well as reviews on their performance.

Hydraulic Supermarket


Offering practical information for designers and users of hydraulic and pneumatic system, along with money-saving tips to reduce operating costs. Recent eye-catching topics include solenoid coils and how to correctly determine hydraulic pump condition using volumetric efficiency. Both great reads.

The Reshore Initiative


A continued campaigning blog to bring oil and gas manufacturing jobs back to the US, but this website includes more than just industry leader comments. The blog also looks at reshoring trends, tips on manufacturing resources and highlights important upcoming events.

Engineering Ethics


Commenting on current engineering events with an ethics angle, the blog looks at developments including drones, mobile monitoring and the implications to engineering. A direct and consumer focused blog that the industry should take note from regardless.

Machine Design


For commentary on machine design, this is the blog to read. Machine Design post frequently about engineering design, 3D printing, linear motion and various other technologies. Look out for their markets section too, home to information on everything from robotics to energy and defence.

Engineering TV


The sister site to Machine Design, this blog specialises in engineering videos including new technology, products coverage and engineering topics. For engineers working on EDA, CAD or CAM softwares, there are some interesting 3D model videos for you to view too.

Energy from Thorium


Working within nuclear energy? This is the blog to read for educational discussions and debates. There are also updates on technological and safety issues around reactors. Uranium and thorium discussions are certainly worth a read.


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