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The world's top 10 hydro plant projects approved for construction


Earlier this year, we posted an article listing the top power plants under construction in North and South America. This was well received by our blog subscribers, so thank you all for your continued support. This time we go global, but focus on the hydro power sector, to bring you the top 10 hydro power plants which have been given the go ahead to progress to the design or procurement stages.

The hydro power industry has brought Mirage some interesting opportunities over recent years, with our flange facing and milling machines being put to good use on projects to increase plant efficiency. (You can read more about these and other projects by downloading our Power Generation Case Study Pack). Alternatively, you can skip into the middle of our YouTube video here, to find out how a Mirage product was used on a refurbishment project at the Benmore Dam in New Zealand.

The list of the top 10 hydro plant projects across the world - listed by project value are as follows:

#1. Luhri Hydro Electric Power Plant - India

This $1.15 billion project is a 601MW hydro electric scheme on the Satluj river in Punjabi State. Operating company Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd will lead the project, which will comprise of three dams, with capacities of 228MW, 43MW and 330MW.

The project is at the EPC stage (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and start-up date is planned for 2021.

#2. PLTA Kayan River Hydropower Project - Indonesia 

This $1 billion and 900MW hydropower project is to be located in Kayan River, Peso sub-district, Bulungan Regency in North Kalimantan (Kaltara) province. The electricity generated will be supplied to North Kalimantan region, including the Industrial Zone and International Port (KIPI) in Tanah Kuning village, Tanjung Palas Timur, Bulungan. The power plant is developed to support the government’s plan to speed up development in the northern Kalimantan region.

The operator is PT Kayan Hydro Energi (KHE) and the start-up is expected in 2022. This project is also at the EPC stage.

#3. Potrero del Clavillo Hydro Power Plant - Argentina

Another $1 billion project to construct a 122MW multipurpose hydro power plant on the border between the Catamarca and Tucumán provinces. In addition to power generation, the plant will also provide water for irrigation purposes. Startup is due in 2021.

#4. Yacyretá Hydro Power Plant Expansion (Phase 2) - Argentina

Installation of additional three turbines at the main power house of the Yacyretá hydro power plant, located on the border between Argentina and Paraguay. These turbines will generate 160MW each, providing an additional capacity of 480MW.

The project is the second phase of a plan to increase the installed capacity of the Yacyretá HPP from 3.2GW to 3.95GW. Operator is Entidad Binacional Yacyreta (EBY) and startup expected 2024.project value $1 billion.

#5. Gordon Butte Hydro Pumped Storage Facility - USA

This $900 million project is at the front end engineering design stage (FEED). This is a 400MW pumped storage hydro project located on private land in Meagher County, Montana. The facility will consist of upper and lower closed-loop reservoirs connected by an underground concrete and steel-lined hydraulic shaft. It will be an off-stream facility constructed out of any existing watersheds, thereby minimizing impacts to the local watersheds and riparian ecosystems.

An underground powerhouse with four turbine generators will be located at the bottom reservoir, providing an installed capacity of 400MW. Operator is Absaroka Energy LLC and startup date forecast as 2020. 

#6. Kirthai-II Hydro Power Plant - India

Also at the front end engineering design stage is the $859 million construction of a 930MW hydro power plant on the Chenab River in the Kishtwar District, Jammu and Kashmir.The operating company is Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC) and the planned startup date is 2015. 

#7. Tingo Hydro Power Project - Peru

Construction of a 396MW hydro power complex on the Utcubamba and Magunchal rivers in Peru's Amazonas department. The project will be built in three stages: Tingo I - 200MW, Tingo II - 148MW and Tingo III - 48MW. The operating company is Energoret Ingenieros Consultores S.A.C and the project is at the FEED stage. It is valued at $800 million and startup is expected in 2022.

#8. Porvenir II Hydro Power Plant - Colombia

A $733 million project involving the construction of a 352 MW hydro power plant on the Samaná Norte river in northern Colombia. The plant will feature a 140m-high roller-compacted concrete (RCC) gravity dam and will generate power from two Francis turbines. 

Celsia S.A is the operator. The project is at the conceptual design stage, with startup is expected in 2020.

#9 Santa Teresa II Hydro Power Plant - Peru

Construction of a 272MW hydro power plant in Peru's Cusco region. The $600 million project includes the installation of a 220KV transmission line. The plant will feature two Francis turbines, a diversion dam and a 15km water tunnel. The Project is still reported as being at the conceptual stage. Startup expected in 2021. Operating company is Luz del Sur.

#10 Tenosique Hydro Power Plant - Mexico

A 700MW hydroelectric power plant that will be built on the Usumacinta River in Mexico. The project was formerly known as Boca de Cerro Hydro and is part of a network of dams that the federal government intends to install along the Usumacinta River, which divides Mexico and Guatemala through the state of Chiapas. The project is valued at $546 million, it is in the EPC stage and startup is expected in Q1 2020.

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Main image adapted from original source:  'End of Level Boss' Murray 1 Power Station, New South Wales via photopin (license)Information sourced from Energy Industries Council in the UK using EIC Datastream.

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