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The ultimate machinery for subsea high pressure hot tapping


Hot tapping is one of the most complex and risky procedures in the oil and gas sector onshore, let alone offshore.

Mirage already provide innovative solutions to problems requiring subsea ROV, diver or surface operated cutting, weld preps, sawing, milling, and drilling. With their expert design team, who have spent years developing products, Mirage have enabled both diver operated and completely remote ROV machining at ever increasing depths.

For hot tapping operations - this is a massive step towards increasing safety and efficiency offshore.

ROV ability aside, when it comes to subsea high pressure hot tapping, reliability in the tool to get the job done is, and continues to be, the main goal for any engineer leading the project.

Here's at look at the Mirage CHT range of high pressure hot tapping machines, created to help you deliver a smooth project from start to finish, on-schedule and on-budget.

CHT range


The CHT range, with a working pressure capacity of up to 5,000 p.s.i, has specifically been designed for pipeline intervention and wellhead maintenance across the oil and gas, petrochemicals and utilities sector.

To find out more about the full range, download the Buyers Guide here.


A machine that can be rented as well as purchased, the CHT1000 can hot tap from 3 - 12".

Featuring a drive as close to the cut to provide improved efficiency, auto feed to meet infinitely variable cutting conditions and a geared mechanical depth display has made this machine a popular choice for engineers.

The CHT1000 continues to impress by meeting subsea demands with a constant pressure seal monitoring port and an internal pressure balanced system for higher pressure applications.

Complete with the auto feed drive and motor, lifting brackets, cutter adaptors, connection hoses, pressure gauge and all studs, nuts and tools, this machine is ready to go in any subsea situation, whether purchased or rented.


Specifically designed for water and gas pipelines, the CHT1635LP has a 500 p.s.i capacity but still compact in design to keep ground work to a minimum.

Featuring close cut for better efficiency, auto feed to meet differing cutting conditions and an internal pressure balance system and monitoring ports, this is yet another example of a popular choice for operator engineers.

The lightweight version of the CHT range will work by pneumatic or hydraulic operation, and already comes supplied with the relevant toolkit, lubricator, hose connection, studs and nuts.

The tooling also comes available with optional accessories such as line stop cutters ranging from 3 - 36".

Reliable machinery

It's important for any procedure to find the right machinery supplier and tooling for your project. Above are just two of the machines available in the range. To see the whole range, download our Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Buyers Guide. The guide also features more technical specifications and additional accessories.

If you're unsure about which machine will meet your requirements best, get in touch with the expert Mirage team to discuss possible opportunities. 

Download the Mirage Machines Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Buyers Guide

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