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Available now: The New Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide


The internet has transformed the way people choose products and make their enquiry - and industrial markets are no exception to this.

In B2B (Business to Business) markets, personal contact offered by an account manager remains as import as ever - especially for those looking for complex industrial products. But what’s different today compared to the 1990s is that customers can now do much of the initial research themselves, before reaching out to a supplier to firm up on the best solution and get a quotation.

But for the customer, trawling through websites and downloading technical datasheets can be time consuming, tedious and messy – which is why a few years back, at Mirage we introduced our Buyer’s Guides to make the process easier.

The number of downloads of our ‘Flange Facing Machine Buyers Guide’ is about the hit the two thousand mark, which for a niche industrial market, is more popular than we ever expected and we are now pleased to offer our new and improved update, which once again provides full specifications of the flange facer product range in a single PDF document.

So what’s new?

In the new guide, along with the flange facer specifications we’ve also included background information covering the types of company using the machines, flange facing basics and a list of the application possible. We’ve done our best to make page layouts easier to read, and for many machines you’ll see new exploded images showing all of the included base components.

Why download it?

Make it easy for yourself and get all the spec you need in one place. When you submit your details and opt in, we’ll also keep you updated with other useful machining information and product updates.

Download The New Buyers Guide

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