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The biggest wind turbine contracts awarded in 2016


If you're a regular reader of the Mirage Machines Portable Performance Blog, no doubt you'll be aware of our orbital milling machines used by wind turbine manufacturers for machining turbine blades and towers. Demand for these products has been very strong during 2016, so we decided to take a look at the biggest turbine supply contracts awarded this year.

Using data from EIC Datastream  (The Energy Industries Council), we've listed the top 20 contracts based on the project value in US$.

The world's biggest wind turbine manufacturing contracts awarded in 2016


Value US$ (Millions)

Project Name Details Startup Year  Location Awarded to
1. $3780m Offshore Wind Farm Beatrice - Offshore (UK) Supply, install and commission 84 7MW turbines  2019  United Kingdom (Offshore) Siemens Wind Power
2. $3600m Wind XI Onshore Wind Farm 1,000 2MW wind turbines.  2019  Iowa, USA (Onshore) Vestas
3. $3200m  Offshore Wind Farm East Anglia 1 (EA1) 102 7MW direct-drive turbines  2020  United Kingdom (Offshore) Siemens
4. $1920m

Offshore Wind Farm HoRns Rev 3

Supply of 49 8.3MW turbines

 2020  Denmark (Offshore) MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
5. $1590m Offshore Wind Farm Norther Supply 44 8MW turbines.   2019  Belgium MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
6. $1500m Viridis Eolia Master Plan Onshore Wind Farm 1,870MW wind farm. First phase 32.5MW


(In phases)



Goldwind USA Inc.
7. $1439m Offshore Wind Farm Hohe See Delivery of 71 7MW  turbines as well as monopile foundations.  2019



8. $1378m Offshore Wind Farm Rentel Supply and installation of 42 7MW turbine units  2018  Belgium Siemens
9. $1275m Offshore Wind Farm Arkona Supply of 60 6.4MW turbines  2019  Germany Siemens
10. $1200m Onshore Wind Project Fosen Vind Supply, installation and commissioning of 278  3.45MW turbine units with power optimised mode to 3.6MW. 2010 Norway Vestas
11. $1096m Rush Creek Onshore Wind Farm

300  2MW wind turbines.

2018 Colorado, USA Vestas
12. $1008m Offshore Wind Farm Deutsche Bucht

Development of an offshore wind farm. Capacity of up to 252MW.

Individual turbine capacities estimated at 8MW.

2019 North of Borkum, German North Sea MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
13.  $1000m Texas Mariah Onshore Wind Farm

300  2MW wind turbines.

2016 USA GE Renewable Energy
14. $1000m King Pine Onshore Wind Farm

174  3.45MW wind turbnies.


North Eastern Maine, USA


15. $900m Offshore Wind Farm Borkum Trianel West II Phase 2

Supply 32 6.35MW  turbines




16. $840m Kalmykia Onshore Wind Farm

Construction of an onshore wind farm with a total installed capacity of up to 300MW.

The first phase will consist of 20  2.5MW turbines.


Kalmykia, Russia


17. $570 Onshore Wind Farm Hornsdale

Supply of  32 3.2MW turbines


South Australia


18. $525 Blyth Offshore Wind Demonstration Site

Supply of 5 8.3MW turbines


United Kingdom (Offshore)

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
19. $500 Northwest Ohio Onshore Wind Farm.

50  2.1MW wind turbines.




20. $500 Offshore and Onshore Wind Kemi (Ajos) Extension Project

Expansion the existing 30MW wind farm.

Eight 3.3MW turbines located on artificial islands offshore and five 3.2MW turbines onshore.


Ajos, Finland

(Offshore and Onshore)


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