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The A to Z of portable machine tool applications


Subscribers to the Portable Performance Blog will be familiar with some of our products. No doubt many of you will be regular users of at least one of our portable machines.

But apart from your usual projects, what other applications can be carried out with other Mirage machines?

Take a look at our ‘A to Z of machining applications. View our graphic which gives an overview, or read our more detailed list further down the page.



A -  ASME flange finishes can be achieved using Mirage flange facing machines. Also worth a mention  under 'A' is Mirage Subsea’s Anode Cutting Tool, which is designed for removing depleted anodes from risers, tendons, hulls or any subsea structure.

B -  Bevelling of pipes is achieved using MSF split frame cutters, boring, back facing (heat exchangers), Blind hole tapping can be carried out using Mirage T30 and T735 tapping machines, plus block and bleed (of wellheads).

C -  CNC machining, counter-boring, compact flange machining, cold cutting, coal crusher trunnion refurbishment.

D - Drilling, deck plate milling, division slot milling (heat exchangers), decommissioning, drag line repair (quarries).

E -  External mount flange facing, flange bolt cutting.

F - Flange facing, flotation equipment and tooling, flange finishes.

G - Gantry milling, gate valve machining, gearbox boring.

H -  Hot tapping, hinge pin repair on construction vehicles, heat exchangers, hull machining (shipbuilding), hydro-electric repairs.

I -  ID mount flange facing, isolation of pipelines (lhot tapping and line stopping).

J -  J prep (for welded joints) on pipe ends or metal plates) , plus journal repairs.

K -  Kiln support rollers, keyways.

L -  Line boring, ens ring machining, line stopping, LNG plant construction.

M - Milling, magnetic mounted machines, manually operated hot tapping machines, multiple grouted strings.

N - Nuclear industry machining projects, new pipeline construction.

O -  Orbital milling.

P -  Pile cutting,  pipe cuttiing, pump ad motor pad machining, platform leg cutting.

Q -  Working to quality standards; (e.g ISO9001, ASME, API).

R -  RTJ flange groove machining, rudder bores, repairs, ROV chain host.

S -  Spot facing, stud removal, stern tubes, steel mill stands, shaft keyway repair.

T -  Threading – tapping or casing threading, turbine split lines and blades. Thruster flange machining, trepanning.

U - Underwater machining.

V -  Valve boring, valve casing cutting.

W -  Wind turbine blades and tower machining (orbital milling), wellhead machining and decommissioning.

XYZ -  X,Y and Z axis machining using Mirage 3 axis milling machines.


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