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Successfully completing your decommissioning project with subsea tooling

For decommissioning projects, it is vital that tooling meets operators’ requirements and can complete the operation effectively, swiftly and safely.

Whether you’re looking at cutting, weld preps, sawing, milling, drilling or hot tapping, Mirage has experience with supplying innovative tooling solutions suitable for topside or subsea applications involving both divers and ROVs.

Mirage’s Portable Band Saw and Casing Double Pin Drill are just the tools to complete your next topside well decommissioning project and Mirage’s ROV tooling range will help for any subsea decommissioning project.

Portable Band Saw


Mirage’s portable band saw can be used for various tubular severances including cutting conductors, caissons or composite materials such as cemented casings. Our machine is a cost effective solution for cold cutting operations in topside applications.

Operators who are performing platform well decommissioning will benefit from the unique features of Mirage’s portable band saws, including:

  • A fast and efficient cold cutting method
  • Low cost per cut
  • Quick setup using our unique swing clamp design
  • Low height for minimum clearance applications
  • Extensive blade selection to cut all materials

Mirage’s versatile tool is field-proven on a range of topside well decommissioning projects in the North Sea cutting casing, steel piles and wellheads. The tool has also been used in the nuclear industry for various repair projects including cutting radioactive stainless steel tubing.

Mirage offers the band saw in three sizes capable of cutting between 9” to 48” OD pipe (228mm to 1,219mm). Depending on the operational requirements, the saw can being used in either the horizontal or vertical position.

Casing Double Pin Drill


Mirage Machines Casing Double Drill Unit (DDU) is the optimal solution for any lifting pin through-bore generation within a decommissioning process. The DDU utilises 2 off opposing drilling spindles to generate a complete through-bore within a casing. Multi-string casings with cement is a common application.

This allows a calculated lift pin to be inserted into the generated through-bore. The casing can then be lifted upon completion of a casing severing operation; commonly carried out using a Mirage Machines Band Saw. Both machines are suitable for use on conductors, caissons or composite materials such as cemented casings.

The DDU features:

  • Durable and Precise linear guides to ensure hole accuracy
  • Long life Helical gear driven spindles
  • Quick  setup using our unique swing clamp design
  • Flanged spindle for 4”, 6”, 10” and 12” cutter installation

We offer two sizes with the ability to clamp on to pipes ranging from 16” to 56” OD (406mm to 1422mm) and cut pipes range from 4- 9/16”” to 56” OD. The cutting OD is smaller than the minimum clamping OD as this accommodates cutting multi-string casings (with or without cement).

For more information on Mirage’s casing pin drills, download Mirage's free Portable Drilling & Tapping Machine Buyers Guide by clicking here.

ROV tooling range

Mirage Subsea based in Houston, TX (USA) provides specialized subsea tooling cutting solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. We work with Operators and Contractors worldwide to meet their needs for maintenance, repair or decommissioning projects involving both divers and remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs).

Our ability to perform detailed design, light manufacturing and product assembly in-house provides us the flexibility to create unique, fast and customized solutions for a diverse range of applications. With over 30 years of experience in subsea tooling, our specialists are focused on rapid response while maintaining costs.

For subsea decommissioning, the Mirage Subsea product offering includes:

  • Diamond Wire Saw – Designed for underwater cutting on multistring casings, piles, platform legs and wellheads. Ideal for shallow or deep water applications and can quickly cut through most materials while resisting compressive forces.
  • Pan and Tilt Camera Slider - a high strength aluminium frame that attaches directly to the ROV and uses the ROV hydraulic power to stroke and extend a mountable camera. Provides the ROV pilot clearer views of subsea equipment during difficult or complex ROV operations.

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