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Six free android apps for oilfield workers


The rise of smartphones and powerful mobile devices over the last few years have provided us all with numerous ways to share data, collaborate and increase productivity. There are a whole host of apps designed specifically to help engineers working across the oil and gas industry and we're sharing these apps to give the most useful Android smartphone in the service field.

Oil Handbook

Available on Android, the Oil Handbook isn't the best looking app on the market but it is easy to use and does its job with simplicity. Upon loading the app you will see a simple menu structure with 18 different tools ranging from the generally useful, such as a conversion tool to perform basic conversions, such as lbs to kgs, through to the pipeline specific, such as a flange gauge pressure tool to give temperature and pressure ratings for the range of flange classifications.

For a free app this is certainly worth downloading. It's a quick launch app that isn't covered with ads and does what you need it to do. While some of the reviews suggested there was some missing data within the app, we were generally able to find all the bits of data that we searched for.

MaxANSI Piping Handbook

With a four star average review rating (from over 280 reviews) the MaxANSI Piping Handbook is a much liked app amongst pipeline engineers. The free version of the app contains the full data set for "PIPE B36.10 and FLANGE B16.5" along with "4 inch data of VALVE B16.10, FITTING B16.9/B16.11, ORIFICE FLANGE B16.36 and COMPONENT(Fig.8 and Spacer for Ref.)" being viewable as a sample. If you buy the paid for version you will recieve all of the data.

One nice bonus of buying the full app is that it will provide free upgrades for all future updates to the app. You can see a full app demo in the video below.


Created for the oilfield cementing community, the WellHandbook app has been created to remove the need for "engineering tables, paper and a calculator" while also increasing precision for engineers looking to perform a range of well-related violume calculations.

The range of calculations available on the app is great considering that it is free although the zero-cost price of this app may explain why there have been no updates since July 2012. We're not overly concerned by aesthetics but a facelift wouldn't go a miss on this app. That aside, the following features (as listed on the app page) are make this a handy app for engineers.

  • Calculate the annular volume between Open Hole or Casing and the inner Casing, Drillpipe or Tubing 
  • Calculate the metal displacement volume of Drillpipes and Tubings 
  • Calculate the capacity volume of Open Holes, Casings, Drillpipes and Tubings 
  • Provides annular, capacity or Metal displacement volume calculation to up to three different sections 
  • Add Excess percentage volume for annular and capacity volume
  • Use English (Oilfield) units, Metrics units or Mixed units to cover the particularities of the geographics you operate


Although it might not feel like it sometimes, there's more to engineering than pressure rating calculations and ANSI specification tables. For those moments when we need to see what's going on in the industry there is the Rigzone app.

As the number one source of oil and gas industry news, the Rigzone app allows us to keep right on top of the latest developments within the industry. The regularly updated jobs section with a detailed search and filtering function provides added benefits and the events calendar  keeps us on top of all the latest conferences and exhibitons in the industry.

Oilfield Acronyms

Do you know your ANSI from your ASME or your EABA from your BOEMRE? When working in the oilfields it can be difficult to keep up with all the industry jargon at times which is why the Oilfield Acronyms app is so useful, especially for new workers in the industry. It's as simple an app as you're likely to find, acting as a dictionary for the range of acronyms you are likely to encounter when working in the field.

Oilfield Unit Converter

Made by OFSapps, the same team who made the WellHandbook app, the OilField Unit Converter is useful for oilfield engineers who need to convert different units of measurement within a category. The categories covered by the app include Angle, Area, Density, Dogleg, Drilling Rate, Energy, Flowrate- Mass, Flowrate- Volume, Force, Gas Volume, Length, Liquid Production Rate, Pipe Capacity, Pressure, Pressure Gradient, Temperature, Time, Torque, Velocity, Velocity- Angular, Viscosity, Volume, Weight, Weight per Unit Length and Yield Slurry.

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