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Seven ways you save with insitu machining


Restore rather than replace

With on-site machining we can repair damaged assets such as a corroded flange face so that it does not need wholesale replacement. The process of quick and keeps existing assets in full working order without the need for lengthy downtime. Which leads us to…

Reduced downtime

Rather than stripping out plant machinery and causing extended periods of plant downtime, insitu machining provides a means of performing essential maintenance work quickly and efficiently.

You can ensure the minimum amount of disruption to your operations and return your plant to productive operations faster than would otherwise be expected.

Cut out costly logistics

The clue is in the name of the process here. As stated above, insitu machining means work is carried out on-site. As work is carried out on-site plant equipment remains in place, which removes the need for costly logistics sending it to a workshop.

Workshop-quality on site

There would be little point to carrying out machining on-site if the necessary tolerances couldn’t be met. Of course, with the portable performance provided by Mirage’s portable machine tools you can be sure to achieve workshop quality tolerances on-site.

Machine rental vs purchase

Sometimes you just need a flange facing machine for a single project with almost no expectation of requiring one again in the foreseeable future. In these circumstances, it would be reasonable to only want to rent a machine.

Mirage machines offer a range of portable machine tools available for rental. These machines can be rented for any duration that you require in order to get the job done. This also means you can pay for the tools out of your Opex budget rather than your Capex budget.

Multi-application machines

When you invest in a portable machine tool you will often be getting a machine capable of more than just one machining application. With a few adjustments to your machine you can increase the machining capabilities to provide more value from your investment.

One example of this is our internally mounted flange facing machines that can be used for all types of flange facing, flange seal grooves, weld preparation and counter bores.

Increased plant efficiency

Did you know that heat exchanger fouling is estimated to cost the economy 0.25% of GNP? Inefficiencies within essential plant equipment is costly for everyone.

On-site machining isn’t something we do for fun. It’s an important part of the essential plant maintenance schedules that engineers carry out at plants across the world in order to keep everything working efficiently.

Regular maintenance ensures your plant equipment is running at maximum efficiency and insitu machining is the most cost effective way to get the best results.

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