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Seven key elements of hot tapping machine operator compentancy


In recent weeks we have written a lot about the hot tapping procedure covering a basic introduction through to some of the important safety checks necessary before performing a hot tap. This blog continues the theme and looks at the necessary operator competencies required of a hot tapping machine operator.

As hot tapping machines are specialist portable machines with each model having different operating methods, the general minimum standard for an operator is to be:-

  • The operator must be trained and conversant with the specific hot tapping machine being used for the operation.
  • The operator to have the ability to achieve required dimensions with a full understanding of powered machine functions.
  • The operator to be able to identify the correct and incorrect use of static or portable machines.
  • Comply with all local and internationally recognised safe use of powered machines.
  • Any operation involving work on a pipe containing liquids or gases under pressure is potentially hazardous. Therefore to maintain a safe working environment, correct procedures must be followed in the use of this equipment.
  • No person should use this equipment who is not fully trained in the procedures stated in this manual, and who is not fully aware of the potential hazards connected with work on pipes containing liquids or gases under pressure.
  • The purchaser of this equipment is responsible for the manner in which this equipment is used and the training and competence of the operators.

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