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Setting up an external mount flange facer


In some situations, such as when access to the internal bore is restricted, an external mount (OD) flange facer provides advantages over the internal mount type. Here’s a quick overview explaining the process if using the MM300e flange facing machine for the first time.

Mounting the external flange facer onto the flange

1. Measure the mounting diameter of the flange to be machined and ensure it is within the working parameters of the machine.

2. The 4 jaw assemblies are a modular design, allowing the MM300e machine to be mounted onto flange diameters from as small as 2” up to 12”. On each of these is a removeable setting strap used for ‘rough’ positioning of the machine onto the flange surface. These should be bolted onto the 4 base jaws as shown below, ensuring they overlap the diameter of the flange


3. Position the unit onto the flange diameter and tighten the jaw adjusting screws.

4. Check the machine is level using a magnetic mounted clock dial indicator fixed onto the tool post.

5. If height adjustment is needed this is done by adjusting the nut on top of each setting strap. See below.



6. Axial adjustment is carried out using the jaw adjusting screws. See below


7. When the machine centralised and is confirmed as level, the setting straps can be removed. Note that if you are machining a raised face flange, removal of the 4 setting straps may not be necessary.

8. Set up the Air Preparation Unit as decribed below.


The Air Preparation Unit


This is sometimes referred to as the air lubrication kit. The purpose of this is to remove any moisture from the air and add a small amount of lubricant, ensuring smooth and trouble free operation of the air motor.

When using the machine for the first time you will need to set up and check the unit. In the oil reservoir you will need to add SAE 10 grade oil. Next, the following actions should be carried out.

  • Check lubricator oil level by pulling off the oil lubricator cap.
  • Check the filter has no water stored in the unit by pulling off the filter cap. If water is present drain this off before use.
  • Ensure all hose connections to the unit and machine are tightened sufficiently to prevent air leaks.
  • With the air valve closed, turn on main air supply and check operation of emergency stop valve.
  • With air supply turned on and the hose connected, open the air valve fully, ensuring a safe distance is maintained from the machine. Set the oil drop in the lubricator to 1 drop of oil every 5 seconds by twisting the regulator dial.


Hopefully you will see that Mirage external mount flange facing machines are designed with easy installation in mind. The procedure is very similar across the Mirage OD mount range, which includes the MM200e, MM300e, and the MM600e.  If you need any further guidance please let us know.

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