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A general guide for maintaining your linear milling machine

Milling_MaintenanceFollow these maintenance steps to extend the working life of your portable linear milling machine and to make sure you get the best results every time you come to use your milling machine insitu.

After every use

  1. Clean the linear milling rails, ballscrew, feed screw nut, spindle taper and the machine in general. Make sure all swarf and turnings have been cleaned off.
  2. Lightly oil the milling rails using WD40 (or equivilent). Check the air filter and lubricator for blockages.

Weekly maintenance tasks

  1. Grease the gearboxes using a maximum of two strokes.
  2. Grease the linear bearings using a maximum of two strokes.

Quarterly maintenance tasks

  1. Remove gearbox cap andcheck bearings and gears for wear. Repair/replace as necessary.
  2. Grease the main bearings and check for spindle adjustment.
  3. Grease main drive gears.

Half yearly maintenance tasks

  1. Check the carriage operation and adjust if necessary.
  2. Check lead screw backlash.
  3. Check spindle operation.

Prior to extended duration of storage

If the machine is to be stored for any length of time clean thoroughly and spray WD40 into the motor inlet and seal. Spray the machine with WD40 or equivalent.

The details contained within this article relate specifically to the Mirage MR3000 Linear Milling Machine and we advise that you refer to the operator's manual for precise maintenance instructions for your specific milling machines.

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