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Preventative maintenance to extend the working life of your hot tapping machine

Wrench - Hot Tapping Machine Preventative MaintenanceWhen keeping a hot tapping machine working over a prolonged period of time there are some essential maintenance tasks that should be performed. Failure to perform these tasks with result in a loss of performance in the machine and will reduce its operational life.

IMPORTANT: Before performing any of the hot tapping machine preventative maintenance tasks, make sure all power connections have been disconnected.

After ten hours of use.

  1. Use a SAE 10 oil or WD40 and spend 15 minutes cleaning all of the components on the machine.
  2. Check all of the components are present and are being stored correctly.
  3. Fully extend the boring so that you can clean and wipe it down with a light oil. Ideally this will be performed after each use.

After 100 hours of use

  1. Remove the ports and flush the pressure cylinder. This operation should take around four hours to complete
  2. Remove the drive gear box. Check the condition of the pressure cylinder and the machine internals. Use SAE 10 oil or WD40 on the components.
  3. Remove feed gear box and pressure retaining plate. Check the condition of the pressure cylinder and machine internals. Use SAE 10 oil or WD40 on the components.

Failure to complete these tasks can result in corrosion which will significantly impact the machine performance.

After 1000 hours of use

Each of the following tasks should take around four hours to complete. Putting the time aside to carry out these preventative maintenance tasks will extend the life of your hot tapping machine.

  1. Split the drive gearbox and grease bearings and gear. While performing this task you should check condition of the seals and replace as necessary. Ensure the seals are protected when replacing the lead screw as there is potential  to damage the seals here.
  2. Remove feed gearbox and grease as required using a 00 EP Lithium semi fluid grease
  3. Remove back end retainer plate check seals.

After 5000 hours of use

  1. Strip and inspect the machine motor. Use ISO 32 hydraulic oil on the motor to keep good working order. This should take around four hours to complete.
  2. Strip the entire machine and inspect each component. Use SAE 10 oil and rebuild, replacing any components that are in need a replacement. This should take around eight hours to complete.
  3. Re-run all of the 1000 hours actions.

Note: The guidance in this article is based on the Mirage Machines CHT 3000 Hot Tapping Machine. Mirage Machines make no claim that this is the correct procedure for all makes and models of hot tapping machine.

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