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Portable on-site machine tool applications for LNG construction projects


Above: Mirage on-site machines used for LNG plant construction projects. Background image shows the Gladstone LNG construction site. Image courtesy of Google Map data 2017 GBRMPA.

If you’ve visited the product pages on our website, no doubt you will have seen the wide range of in-situ machining products that Mirage manufactures. But unless you have a clearly defined and immediate need for a product, reading through lists of technical specifications won’t make best use of your time and won’t keep you interested for very long.

That’s why we like to bring you real-life examples machine applications that give a clear idea of what Mirage portable machine tools are used for.

This time we focus on the some of the major LNG construction projects from the world, to highlight which in-situ machines were used successfully on a variety of  machining challenges.

Although most of these LNG projects are based in Australia, a lot of the work was carried out elsewhere, as modules were fabricated and then transported to the LNG construction site.

Mirage equipment has been a popular choice for contractors working on major LNG projects at locations such as Gladstone, Barrow Island, Onslow, Darwin and Das Island.

machines-used-for-lng-plant construction.png



Machine Applications carried out 
Small to medium sized Flange Facing Machines

Re-facing of raised face flanges, RTJ flanges and hub joints.

Facing of loading arms.

Umbilical Flange facing on LNG carriers/vessels at various dry dock yards.
MM1500i, MM2000i Flange Facing Machines MM1500i & MM2000i flange facers (used for Incolnel lined vessels and flange faces).
MM3000i Flange Facing Machine

Cutting off a flange from inside.

Heat exchanger machining
External Mount Flange Facers Up To 2m Diameter. Used with low profile base to machine 72” diameter OD butterfly valves & flanges.
MSF Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutters Used extensively across all major LNG projects. Various machine sizes up to 60” diameter.
Hot Tapping Machines: MHT 312, HTM100 Hot tapping pipe diameters from 1/2” up to 12”
Milling Machine CNC profile milling machine (used for scarfing inlets on vessels prior to welding on branch flanges. 36” HD pipe, 75mm wall, 8mm, Incolnel lining).
OM4000 Orbital Milling Machine Profiling for heavy wall legs
Line Boring Machine Machining joints of loading arms

You can find out more about machine tools used for LNG projects. Mirage supply products all over the world, so please get in touch with your regional contact here

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