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Portable milling machine used for a turbine casing project

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In our previous blog post we listed a number of in-situ machining projects relating to power plant maintenance. This time we take a look at one of these in more detail, to and cover the equipment used and the results achieved.

As part of a turbine refurbishment project, Mirage equipment was specified to machine the casing split lines back to the original specification.  A Mirage MR2200 2 axis milling rail was used and mounted onto a Mirage gantry system. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

The MR2200-H milling rail

MR2000-H portable milling machine.png

This is a hydraulically powered milling rail 2.2 metres in length. The machine’s main components are: motors for the feed and drive, linear rails, ball screws for the main axis feeds, ISO 40 spindle, manual and auto feed controls, linear scale and setting blocks. You can view a 3D CAD model of the MR machine in our short video below.

Technical specification

  • Milling head output: 5HP (3.7Kw)
  • Milling head RPM up to 640
  • Cutter diameter up to 250mm (10”)
  • Manual down feed: 5mm per rev (0.197” per rev)
  • Hydraulic flow required for milling head:50 L/min (13.21 gal/min).

Mirage GMRF Gantry system

The Mirage extension kits use rail lengths of 1m, 2m and 3m lengths which can enable gantry lengths of up to 10 metres.

gantry milling machine.jpg

The gantry system used for this project was the rack feed type and included 2 x 1 metre rails plus 2 x 3 metre extension rails, creating a working envelope of 2.2m x 4m.

Also specified were the Tie Rods and the Drive Link, each chosen to suit the length of the MR2200 milling rail. Once assembled, levelling of the gantry was carried out using laser alignment.

The Results

The project was successful, with the casing split lines machined back to the original specifications of within 0.05mm (0,002”) of flatness over the whole split line.

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