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Portable machine tool photo round-up: Q2 2018


These featured photos are highlights from those posted on our social media channels from April through to the end of June 2018. Included are heat exchanger machining, building of a clamshell cutters, a supersized hot tapping cutter and machines on test.

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Machining a heat exchanger

This shows an internal mount Mirage Flange Facing Machine attached to a heat exchanger. This can be achieved using the kit shown in this video.



Clamshell (Split frame) cuttter build.

Although many of the components used in our products are machined using CNC, when it comes to assembly, each machine is carefully assembled by hand. Shown above is a Split Frame Clamshell Cutter.



Hot tapping cutters

We recently built a number of hot tapping machines for a customer. The photo above shows cutters in various sizes, with a detail of the carbide tip, each of which is welded onto the main cutter body.


flange facer with milling head-1

Testing a flange facer used with a milling head attachment

Mirage flange facing machines can be used for different applications through the addition of options and accessories. The above machine achieved great results, even with just 4 of the 8 clamping legs provided.


Gantry mill building-1


Testing a gantry milling assembly

Adding a 2-axis milling rail to a gantry frame opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Gantry lengths can be added in metre sections, and feed types specified as either rack feed or ball screw feed.


External flange facer assembled and ready for testing

The above image shows the MM300e flange facing machine. Assembling and testing each machine before it goes in to stock ensures the customer gets a machine that will get the job done with minimum hassle.


Another machine goes into stock

Knowing what the market wants and manufacturing the right products for stock means our customers can get their hands on our products in rapid time.

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