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Portable machine tool picture round-up Q1 2018


These featured photos include the most popular in-situ machining photographs and illustrations posted on our social media channels from January through to the end of March 2018. Shown here are hot tapping, the building of flange facers and diamond wire saws, and an illustration showing the workings of one of our heavy duty portable band saws.

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Hot Tapping Trial inside view-062016-edited

Hot tapping machine test - view from the inside

Describing to somebody how a hot tapping machine works can be complicated, but it gets a little easier when you show this photograph.



Inspection during machine build

Every machine built in our factory undergoes thorough inspection and pre-use function testing before being placed into stock or shipped to the customer. Shown here is inspection of a tool post assembly on a large flange facing machine.



Diamond wire saw build

The above shows one of our smaller subsea diamond wire saws being assembled in the factory. You can see this product in action in our animated video here.


MM3000i build

Building a 3 metre diameter flange facing machine

This shows the assembly of the base of a MM3000i flange facing machine,  which is modular in construction, making it suitable for mounting into bores from 44" up to 110".



Portable Band saw infographic

The above image shows the BS924. A portable band saw that's ideal for tubular severance on offshore decommissioning projects.


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