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Portable line boring machines for reducing costly downtime

Picture the scene: You're on-site working on a critical phase of the project when an inspection reveals the loader pin on your bucket is loose. The loader pin bore needs restoring quickly in order to keep the operation on track, minimising downtime and potential penalties.

This is when our portable line boring machines come into action. Our portable line boring machines bring workshop quality tolerances to machining done on-site. They're lightweight enough to enable operators to set up quickly yet robust enough to withstand to demanding conditions that you can expect when working on-site.

The portable line boring machines can be used for excavator bucket reboring to bring heavy equipment back online quickly. Other jobs include:

  • Transfer gearbox housing reboring
  • Stern tubes
  • Drive shaft housing boring
  • A-frame supports

See a Mirage Machine portable line boring machine in action

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