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Portable band saw cold cutting trials



Portable band saws are ideal for cold cutting decommissioning projects. Read on and watch the video to see the BS1636-H Mirage Band Saw cutting through Super Duplex and a 30” diameter pipe.

Band saw development

Band Saws have come a long way since William Newberry invented the first one back in the year 1809. The very first machines were rarely used because of difficulties with the blades, which were not flexible enough to withstand the tension applied to them. It was only much later in 1846, when band saw blade engineering improved allowing more viable blades to be manufactured.

The development of bands saws and blade technology has now progressed much further, making it possible to cut through a wide range of very tough materials.

At the Mirage factory we recently carried out product trials on the BS1636-H band saw, to prove the machine’s capability to a new customer. You can view the video above to see how it performed.

 The BS1636-H performed very well on two different tests:

  • The first challenge was to cut through a 30” diameter steel mild steel pipe. A carbide inserted blade with 2/3 teeth per inch was used with a feed rate set at 45mm per minute and the blade speed for was around 50 metres per minute.
  • For test 2, to simulate the needs of the customer, the machine cut through a ‘Super Duplex’ block. For this task the feed rate was much lower at 8mm per minute.

Band saw and diamond wire saw comparison

Diamond wire saws are also used for heavy duty cold cutting applications, but these are more commonly used for subsea oil and gas decommissioning projects.

The band saw differs by using saw teeth for cutting, unlike the diamond wire saw which uses abrasion. Typical applications for Mirage band saws are on decommissioning projects, including cutting through tubular items such as conductors, caissons and multiple grouted strings. Band saws are more commonly used ‘topside,’ but can also be easily adapted for subsea cutting applications.

Benefits of using a band saw

  • Fast efficient cold cutting method
  • Low cost per cut
  • Quick swing clamp and set up
  • Low height for minimum clearance
  • Extensive blade selection for a wide range of materials

To find out more, download our decommissioning tools buyers guide or if you have a potential project needing this product right now  please click here to get in touch.

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