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Portable band saw blade speeds for cutting metal pipelines


Portable band saws are designed to be robust and simple to use. If you use them correctly you’ll experience hours of trouble-free cutting with plenty of use from each band saw blade.

With Mirage Portable Band Saws, you get an M42 carbide tipped blade provided as standard. These rugged bi-metal blades feature M42 high speed steel edges - making them ideal to use when cutting difficult to machine solids and heavy walled structures. So if you intend to cut heavy walled pipe and other oil & gas structures these are the blades to use.

But no matter how tough the blade is, if you fail to do your homework in advance the results are likely to be poor, and the chances are the blade will need replacing very quickly.

Simply checking the recommended blade surface speed before you start will help you prevent blade breakage and premature tooth wear.

The table below shows suggested surface speeds for cutting various pipes wall sections in different metals.

Surface Speeds for Cutting Pipe with an M42 Band Saw Blade



As an example, when using the Mirage BS1636 portable band saw you'll need a power pack that delivers the hydraulic supplies stated below

Hydraulic Supply Needed for Surface Cutting Speeds



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