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Offshore Insights: Vertical pipe racking systems by Aker Solutions

There's no doubting that Aker Solutions know how to make a dramatic video. The soundtrack to the MH vertical pipe racker is reminiscent of the new Godzilla movie trailer, although we expect the MH vertical pipe racker to be less destructive.

The MH vertical pipe racker is "designed for stand-building, racking, pick-up and lay-down of tubulars." It's a sophisticated system that integrates with fully automated drilling control systems (including Aker's Drillview) with anti-collision systems.

Controlled from the driller's cabin, the MH vertical pipe racker can be retrofitted onto existing rigs or built for new rigs.

Features and benefits 

• Enhanced gripper head for maximum reliability and safety
• Designed for ease of access and  maintainability
• Can be configured to fit any new-build or retrofit for maximum flexibility
• Closed flush drill floor for a safer working environment


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