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Offshore industry rental machines: 6 key tools to rely on


Renting machinery is now part and parcel of the oil and gas industry. It offers a financially viable solution to complete a one-off process or project, without the need to break budgets to purchase the machine outright, or think about facility storage post-usage.

Mirage Machines supply a range of offshore industry rental machines to complete applications swiftly and efficiently. From hot tapping machines to linear milling machines, whatever your reason for rental, Mirage has the machine ready-to-go.

Here's 6 key tools available to rent that you can rely on to deliver the same successful outcome as a purchased portable machine.

Portable drills and taps


The HT20 and HT50 are versatile portable drilling and boring machines for general drilling and stud removal applications. The machines can be bolted directly to the work piece or use Mirage's new optional switch magnetic base.

Featuring: linear rails and guides for accuracy and rigidity, direct spindle drive and an auto feed/hand feed gearbox and motor.

The T725  tapping machine is a portable and lightweight duty machine for all tapping and flange stud tapping applications.

With hardening and ground guide rods, quick key hole mounting and a high torque multiplication, the T60 is a versatile tool that may come into use in more than one application during your rental period.

For more information on Mirage's range of drills and taps, download the free Drilling and Tapping Buyers Guide here.

Flange facing machines


The MM300e and unique new concept of the MM1080ie flange facing machine are now available to rent from Mirage.

The MM300e has a lightweight precision construction, preloaded cross roller drive and geared continuous groove facing feeds for ease of use and ultimate accuracy. For a specific internally mounting machine, the MM1000i flange facing machine is capable of flange facing, flange seal grooves and weld preparation. 

For more details on the flange facing machines, download the product buyers guide for free, here.

Hot taps and line stopping machines


Mirage offer 4 hot tapping and line stopping machines in their range with varying pressure capacities and sizes to suit your requirements.

Included in the range are the CHT1000 and CHT3000 hot tapping machines, designed specifically with a pressure capacity of 5000 p.s.i maximum, and can hot tap from 12 - 36" - perfect for any pipeline intervention or wellhead maintenance.

Specifically designed for the water, gas and petrochemicals industry, the hot tapping machines HTM150 and HTM150XL offer a maximum working pressure capacity of 1480 p.s.i and can hot tap from Ø1/2 – 4".

The MHT3-12 used to make connections and branches to pipelines without shut down either surface or subsea, is also available to hire.

To find out more about the machines, including technical specifications, download the Hot Tapping and Line Stopping buyers guide here.

Line boring machine


Mirage offers the several portable line boring machines for buckets, hinge pins, gearboxes and many more applications.

Working at diameters between 1.5 - 24", the  boring bar features a standard 24" boring stroke, high torque geared bar drive and available via pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive.

Linear milling machine


A mix of gantry milling machines and 2 axis milling machines are available to rent - all rigid yet with lightweight cast rail, making them all ideal for general purpose in situ milling.

The  gantry mill kit includes a linear kit to convert a 2 axis milling machine into a large 3 axis milling machine.

Used for heat exchangers, pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, ship building and turbine split lines, its easy to see why this gantry mill is so useful across sectors and not just in the offshore industry.

Download the Linear Milling Machines Buyers Guide here for more information.

Pipe and casing cutting machines


The BS3248 portable band saw can be used for all tubular severance, a big application for all offshore operators, as well as cutting conductors, caissons and multiple grouted strings of various sizes subsea.

Ranging between 32 - 48", the band saw offers fast efficient cold cutting, seen as a low cost alternative with fast clamping and set-up.

For your next offshore project, speak to the expert team directly at Mirage. The team will ensure you rent the right product for your requirements as well as help with any engineering queries you may have about your project.

To find out how we've helped other offshore operators around the world, download our Oil and Gas Case Study Pack.

Download our on oil and gas on site machining case study pack

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